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Tips on Taking a Relaxing Shower

You enter your home after a long day’s work. You are tired, your body is weather-beaten and all your muscles want to do is to relax. So, what do you do to relieve your body? Exactly.

Knowing about the hot tubs is never enough. That’s why, today we will talk about taking a relaxing shower. Ready?

Eating good food can be an option but it will only re-energize your body. It will not give you the feeling of comfort that your body yearns. Going to sleep might work, but if all your muscles are sore or tightened, then you will not get a sound sleep. So, how do you relieve yourself from this dullness and revive your body? Tada! A long soothing shower can be the answer to that question.

Imagine half soaking in lukewarm water with sweet cherry fragrance surrounding the room.  A soft music that works for you, preferably Beethoven playing in the background and you are just there soaking like a chicken steak seasoning in a juicy mixture of exotic herbs. Okay! That just went somewhere else. Coming back to where you were.

Now imagine a dimly-lit light hanging on the ceiling, making the whole ambience quiet and emollient. You take the hand shower in your hand and press. Cold water sizzles out of the hose and sprinkles on your body, trickling down your lock of hair and speedily streaming down your spine to kiss the warm water in the tub. It is also speeding down your temple and neck curving your otherwise straight lips into a satisfying smile. Does that whole thought send a vibe of relaxation over your body? It sure does to me.

Now before you get into the bathroom you need to make some arrangements. Remember, you are going to spend a long time in there. Make sure that the whole time spent is worthwhile. To me a relaxing shower should be ravishing. It should consist of everything that will make me feel like a royalty.

You know what will make me feel like a royalty? Some refreshing mint, lemon juice because no royalty goes dehydrated in their bath.  If my body is replenishing itself from the outside, then it needs some refreshment from the inside as well. However, I am not one of those to eat while soaking, but you can always take in some light snacks and munch on them to pass your time. So, as I was saying, I will get into the kitchen straight at first and blend in some mint, lemon, sugar and ice to sip in while soaking. Then I will fill the tub with warm water and essential oils.

Essential oils are really essential because it helps you relax. There are different herbs and flower oils available for special purpose, such as: to help you sleep, relax and a lot more. Among the variety of oils, lavender, sandalwood and roses are used the most. I sometimes use shower gels in place of essential oils, especially, if I run out of oil. After adding oil to the water you can add some bombs.

No, do not worry. I am not talking about those terrorist bombs rather I am talking about bathing bombs. The best thing about bathing bomb is that it can be made at home with simple ingredients. However, nobody ever stopped you from getting the fancy scented ones from the stores. To me there is something peaceful about how the bomb dissipates into the water with a whooshing sound. A bath bomb already consists of Epsom salt, so there is no need of adding extra. However, if you are not using a bath bomb, then you can always add and actually you should add some Epsom salt to the water. Epsom salt is important because it makes your skin go velvety soft as well as make your sore muscle tension free and relax. However, it is imperative to notify you that Epsom salts are no cheap stuff and can be dreary. If you ask me, I like my water warm and foamy garnished with rose petals. Yes, I have the luxury to go that fancy because the rose petals come from my mother’s garden. Shhh! Please do not tell her.

Is everything done? Are we ready? Let’s dive in! Wait! We forgot a lot of things. It is important to set the mood. Mood can be all perked up by lighting some scented candles.  Hence, grab them from the cupboard and light them up. Okay, so let’s have a quick check. Do we have dimmed lights? Yes, we do. Scented candles are glowing? Yes, they are. Warm water in the tub mixed with all the necessities? Yes, absolutely positive. So, just turn on that music and dip in while sipping that mint lemon juice.

Now soak in as long as you want and keep on slurping in the juice. You can also get in with a book to read. If I am asked about my personal favorite, then it is just soaking in there with my eyes closed. Yes, you guessed it right! I am a lazy person. I like to let those muscles, breathe easy and let my imagination run wild for a while.

What is the time, you ask? Well, it must be long enough to get up and get cleaned. As much as I hate to do this, but yes, we have to get up and get clean. However, before getting up you can scrub your body with a scrubber and scrubbing pad of your preference.  Shampoo your hair and then get yourself cleaned.

Wow! You are already more than halfway through! I am sorry; did the word ‘halfway’ startle you? Well, I said halfway because have you looked at those hobbit feet? Thick layers of dead cells are covering the suntanned feet. Dirt filled nails are calling out to you that it needs your full attention to be exfoliated and cleaned.

Use the scrubber and the pad to scrub off the dead cells. You can also take help of electronic dead cell Exfoliators available in the market. Just connect it to a socket and switch it on or if it is a battery based one, then simply switch it on after charging and scrape off those dead skins. Then, clean the corner of your nails with a cleaner. Be extra cautious while doing so because even a minor injury while doing so can lead to greater problems such as infection.

After you are clean the nails take a new toothbrush and apply a little amount of shower gel on it and gently brush the top of your feet with it. You can brush the nails as well as the space between two fingers with the brush. Just remember to do it gently. Once you are done simply wash it off. You can rub some lemon on the toe nails to ensure a glisten. However, do not rub it for too long and wash it off after applying because lemon is acidic in nature and can react with your fingernails.

Some people like to do facial massage while soaking. If you like it you can prepare a homemade face pack and apply it on your face. The face pack must be made according to your skin type. You can also buy the face pack from stores. There are different face packs from different companies. Apply whatever your judgement says is best for your face.

Great, so you are all done, but are you? Take a big cotton towel, the fluffier the better. Tap yourself gently with it and then wrap your body in it. Apply body butter on your whole body. This will help to keep the moisture of the body consistent. You can now wrap yourself in a bathing robe or whatever you wish. Finally, you can say that you are fully done with the shower.

Some people prefer drinking tea after a shower, especially, herbal tea. You can drink whatever you prefer, but it is better to go green and herbal. Showers are an important part of everyday life. Everyone should take a shower at least once a day. If it is the season of summer running, then everyone should take showers twice a day. The reason being, showers keep your body soothed and relaxed. It keeps the brain relaxed and induces sound sleep. I do not think that I need to mention that how important sound sleep is for the body and brain. I agree to the fact that it is not possible to take such a ravishing shower every day let alone twice a day. However, make a commitment to yourself that you will allow your muscles a day to unwind by simply pampering your body. A day every week is enough for your body to recharge itself.

I have stated you all the tips to a satisfying shower. However, being the good soul that I am, I will state a few details about essential oils that will help you as a guide when you buy them.

Essential oil is all natural oil retrieved by the process of distillation. They have the unique aroma of the plant, flower, fruit or any other source from which it is derived. The essential oil is best for relaxing and it induces sleep. It is so beneficial all because of the presence of antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. So, here are ten essential oils that you can consider.

The first one is Lavender. I know it is the most common one and everyone knows about it. This is because Lavender has been scientifically proven to show promising results in relaxing the body and helping a person sleep well. Next up is Vetiver.  It is extracted from the plant and has a very strong earthy smell. It can relax your brain real quick. However, some people, especially, beginners find it hard to accept its strong smell. A good remedy can be mixing it up a bit with any other light fragrance oil that suits you.

Third up is Roman Chamomile which best known for its soothing and relaxing characteristic. If you like floral perfume then this is a must have. Its light scent fills up the heart with emollient. So, we are done with flower, we are done with plant next up is the fruit. To all fruity scented lovers Bergamot is the oil for you. It is a citrus fruit that has a combination of vibrant and calming effect. However, this oil comes with a disclaimer. It is very reactive under sunlight and hence do not apply it if you have plans for going out in the sun. If you are the type who likes a bit of this and a bit of that then you my friend also have a choice. Ylang Ylang is the oil that has a mixed floral and fruity smell and that relaxes your body and helps you to sleep.

The next thing that comes in my list is Sandalwood. I do not think I need to introduce this to anyone. For years, this has been used by ladies as a natural beauty product. It is very special among the Burmese people. Sandalwood is a bit dreary and has a woody smell. Our seventh oil in the scroll is Marjoram oil that is best for joints and for sleep. Then, we have Cedarwood. Just like Sandalwood it has a woody smell that helps the brain to relax. You can also try Valerion oil if you suffer from anxiety as this soothes the nervous system. Lastly, try the Valor oil. Just like its name, it helps you to gather self-esteem and courage. Yes, an essential oil can do this. How? It at first relaxes your nervous system and hence the brain. Then, it strengthens the body and the mind. This in turn helps you to gather courage in yourself or make you believe in yourself.

Different essential oils have different effect on our body and mind. You can always mix and match the oils to get the perfect blend that you want

Here is where I end my words. Now rush to the bathroom and treat yourself with that royal treatment that your body deserves.

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