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Salu Spa Miami Air Jet Review

SaluSpa Palms Springs AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

If the workweeks have been bashing you like a piñata for a while now, then it’s about time you took a dip into some warm water to wash off all those exhaustion and wear. And to aid to that, we are here to help you find a great portable spa, and today, the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet is on our radar.

So, we decided we’ll do a thorough review on the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet to see how substantial the product really is to be your next purchase. We will walk you through every feature, every advantage and of course, every flaw so that you can make the smartest decision based on them. Let’s find out if the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet is any good!

salu spa miami air jet

The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet at first sight

The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet from Bestway is a round portable spa that lets you enjoy the perks and benefits of a professional, high-end salon spa experience right at comfort of your home.

It is easy to carry around and travel with, and is ready to use in no time. You will never need an appointment for a day at the spa anymore! Normally thus, we heard some great words about the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet, but we are here to find the truth for ourselves! Was it one of our best picks? Yes!


Being able to enjoy a spa tub with some quality company of friends and family is always refreshing. And the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet will definitely cater to that demand without much problem.

At first, deflated and folded, one wouldn’t think of it to be large enough. But once its inflated and ready, you realize how large and spacious this spa really is. In fact, it is big enough to accommodate 2 to 4 people easily. However, just for your information, it measures 71 x 71 x 26 inches in dimensions (when inflated) and has a water capacity of 177 gallons. You have plenty of room for each bather to sit back and relax without the tub feeling too congested and crowded.

Bubble Jets

Bubble jets are the small installations that you see are made into the interior body of the spa. These jets release bubble (air) vigorously to simulate the feeling of being massaged.

And the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet has a 120 of them! These bubble jets do an excellent job massaging sore and tight muscles and relaxing them.


Warm water is the very essence of any spa. And it is absolutely no different when it comes to your portable spa hot tubs.

The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet utilizes a rapid heating system which can heat up the water up to 104°F which is pretty good if you ask us.


The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet also uses a water filtration system to ensure that the water that enters your tub is up to standards, safe and fresh. In addition to the system, you have a floating water filter cartridge that soaks in any impurities.

In fact, to further aid to this, you have a chemical floater which helps prevent build-up of bacteria, odor, whatsoever.

You also have an inflatable heat cover with helps retain and insulate the temperature of the water when you are not using it. It also acts to prevent any external gunk like dust, debris, getting into the water.

Control Panel

The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet spa comes with it very own digital control panel just at your hand’s distance so that you never have to get up from your seat to adjust any thing.

Through the control panel, you can basically the entire Salu Spa Miami Air Jet. You have everything from water temperature, timer, jets, and so on. The controller display information in LED.


The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet is made from some of the highest quality marine grade material used in making spas.

It uses a TriTech 3-ply material which consists of a mesh core sandwiched by laminated PVC to create something truly sturdy and durable. The construction of the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet also addresses one of the most common problems with portable spas: bending sides. The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet uses I-Beam technology, which is puncture-resistant and strong enough to hold on weight when you sit on the side of the spa.

User convenience

The worst and most dreaded part about owning a portable spa is getting it ready. You need a pump, hose, heaps and varieties of tools and the list goes on and on, and on!

However, with the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet it’s easy. It comes with its own pump that does everything! You don’t need any additional tools, no hardware. Eitherway, you of course have a DVD to help you out with every step of the process.


  1. How long does it take for the water to reach max temperature?

Answer: It takes about 24 hours.

  1. How do I get the water drained down?

Answer: The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet comes with a garden hose that gets rids of most of the water. next, just open the valve on the bottom.



  • The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet has 120 bubble jets
  • Has good temperature range
  • Uses water ilatration sustem; includes chemical dispenser and filter cartridge
  • Includes a heat cover, garden hose among many other useful accessories
  • Comes with its own pump


  • Seams have a tendency to split
  • Complaints of leaks and rips


The Salu Spa Miami Air Jet is definitely an amazing example for a quality portable spa. Yes. We know that the cons contradict that statement, but we need you to know that these problems are more common than you think. We therefore can’t hold it against it entirely. Insread, if you compare the advantages against the cons, the Salu Spa Miami Air Jet is a pretty good deal. In conclusion, we recommend it.

This wraps up our Salu Spa Miami Air Jet deal. For more information, click on the product link. Good luck!

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