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Rain vs Su Yung Have you ever been so angry at someone that you wanted to choke the life out of them?

Avista has a bit of a size advantage, but Lufisto cuts her down with eyerakes, boot chokes, hairpulls and a vicious double fish hook to keep her opponent on her heels. Nice young girl ass. Instead, Jessicka comes to find her opponent in the ring today is Raphael, or so she refers to herself, complete with ninja turtle tights.

Amy Love vs Thunderkitty Ref Kimber Lee gives this one a day time limit as she introduces the grapplers. And most importantly, does she play any part in the ending of the match hint: Lexie takes charge and tortures Lacey with repeated belly slaps, shoulderblocks, and kneelifts.

Resourceful as she is though, Su soon counters into a Rocking Horse submission - which, Kellie adds, is totally illegal in Australia! But Mike and Chasyn leave absolutely no breathing room for Chelsea.

Eventually, one wrestler can take no more. Barbi hayden nude. Aja Perera vs Fred Yehi Don't let the friendly handshake at the start of this one fool you. No unauthorized reposting, reproduction or reselling of content will be tolerated! Rain vs Santana Crafty veteran grapplers The Radiant Rain and Santana put their skills and techniques on full display in this 1 fall matchup. As Jessicka was about to stab Martinez, both Alicia and Savage quit, saving Martinez from what could have been a bloody finale.

It's only a matter of time until the experienced grappler turns the tables on Marti, throwing her to the mat with a Snapmare before tossing one of her stray contact lenses from the ring! Two referees were knocked out, and Mercedes climbed over the cage to escape and should have been declared the winner. The two set the pace early, with each wrestler scoring several quick pin attempts, before trading Armbars and Headlocks. Kimber runs the show with even more Bearhugging and Side Slamming action, but Jayme will not quit.

Brandi keeps Su in a world of hurt with constant hairpulling, arm twisting, and choking. What follows is the bubbly Shazza being dismantled by Madison. Girlfriend tits sex. She moves Raylyn to the center before setting her up for a Gory Bomb.

And perhaps rightfully so! More power moves follow, including a Suplex and a Sidewalk Slam, but Jayme refuses to let Gabi off the hook. The match goes back and forth this way, making it impossible to guess till the very end which wrestler is going to get their mitts on those tasty treats. She's broken in half with a Boston Crab then hoisted up in an extended and excruciating Torture Rack.

Santana hits a leaping side kick, but is neutralized shortly thereafter by a wicked Clothesline from Kimberly. It takes a guillotine choke to put a stop to the action, but will it be Vanessa or her adversaries who get the last laugh?

Malia tries to fight back, but Santana keeps control with a Side Headlock and a long shoulder claw, which eventually draws a submission from Malia to even the match at one fall apiece! Leva thinks it should be vice versa. She puts extra emphasis on abusing Gabi's abs, an area of her body that she'd been bragging about just a little too much for Jayme's liking. Unfortunately for her, his cautionary words are backed up by some initial tie-ups through which Devyn comes out the worse for as well a cruel neckscissors that leaves her coughing.

Marti Belle vs Sin-D Marti and Sin-D are suspicious of each other right off the bat and they greet each other with a chilly pre-match handshake. Ivelisse is defenseless as she's blasted with an Atomic Drop, a Shoulderbreaker, and a pair of big splashes.

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She blasts Kelly with a spinebuster and then takes her time issuing a 10 count to both of her fallen foes. Nude black moms pics. Fortunately for them, Santana also happens to be in the ring with them. Leva thinks it should be vice versa. Rain appeared to be in charge of the group, and ordered Orsini to finish Martinez. It is total annihilation disguised as a wrestling match.

By the time Christina tosses Santana back into the ring, the end of the match is all but certain. April unloads with a brutal over-the-knee Backbreaker drop and cobra twist on her way to scoring a pair of knockouts with a Camel Clutch sleeper and abdominal claw.

Does Andrews finish the job he started, or can Mia pull off an upset?

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However, her inability to put Layne down for good could prove to be her undoing as her victim proves to have plenty of fight left in her. Gabi gets plenty of time to rest before the third fall, not that it does her much good. But Veda shows that she came here for a fight today, and brought her A game as she trades shots toe to toe with one of the best and most dominant females in wrestling today. Barbi hayden nude. Havok engages in a lot of her usual dominating tactics, busting out Full Nelsons, elevated Bearhugs and submissions, but Jayme gets her own back with nasty low blows, hairpulling and more.

Hania throws Shanna down to the mat as they lock up, and right away locks on a camel clutch, trying to beat the champion at her own game. Hypnotized nude girls. Malia tries to fight back, but Santana keeps control with a Side Headlock and a long shoulder claw, which eventually draws a submission from Malia to even the match at one fall apiece!

She even bites her way out of Su's Camel Clutch! A face slam to the mat later, and Mercedes is straddling Su, firing away with forearms. Marti kicks things off with a cheap shot, chokes and kicks in the corner, establishing a pattern that Mike is unable to break. The comparison doesn't last too long though as Amber bullies Ivelisse into the first of many arm-centric holds.

Leva vs Portia Perez Poor Leva is forced to address the camera directly here and inform the viewers that a cowardly backstage attack from Portia has left her unable to compete. Andrea continues the lower body punishment, forcing another tap with a hair-assisted half Crab. Titjob with 4 boobs at same time finishes As the match progresses, one wrestler does seem to be heading towards the finish line until a low blow stops her in her tracks. Santana battles back with a Chinbreaker, a running Clothesline, and a small package that nearly earns her a 3 count.

Kellie endures a Bow and Arrow stretch before being deposited on the outside where Andrea runs her right into the ringpost. Liberty does not stand a chance against Saraya's trademark vicious style. Chloe pirrie naked. The two show off their respect for each other with fundamental wrestling early in the match, then an exchange of tight Headlocks. It's only a matter of time until the experienced grappler turns the tables on Marti, throwing her to the mat with a Snapmare before tossing one of her stray contact lenses from the ring!

And since everything else is legal, Nicole sprinkles in a few rope chokes and foot chokes, and tosses Marti from the ring to work her over on the floor and slam her into the walls.

Mercedes Martinez ended in a Once it does get going, Mia displays her strength advantage over Xandra, shoving her away on a tie-up and putting Xandra on her knees with a test of strength.

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