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I am a web developer. While it is certainly her right to do so it seems that a bit of push-back is expected and potentially warranted.

EliRivers 7 months ago You're prejudiced across two genders? The only people I feel safe around by default are those who so obviously have something wrong with them that I know that we must share the experience of being crapped on. Fergie milf music video. Why should nobody have to defend herself against that? She has been called an inspiration to young women, and that is where things get a little rocky.

I agree that there's probably an unpleasant subtext behind this guy's decision to wreck Naomi Wu's career. When a new player happens to also be, for example, a beautiful woman, nobody is going to care as long as she also knows how to play even knowing how to play is optional, we'll help you learn. Naomi wu naked. This attitude is so weird to me.

I think most of her interviews have been done via email, and most of the other inconsistencies I already documented in the blog post. Out in the real world, it turns out that being a nerd any time after can make you quite a lot of money from jobs that require knowledge of math, science, technology, and engineering: Bad teen Naomi Mae get hard dick and cumshot for shoplifting.

In the end, that's my problem, not hers, and nobody should be trying to make their problems into hers by tearing her down with unwarranted libels. Wu works at home with her 3-D printer. The ranks of the tech industry are dominated by men so if a man tried to use his sexuality to capture more eyeballs he'd likely be ignored or widely mocked. Black lesbian hood porn. If a male model or a female model shows an interest in engineering, good for them, if they decide to break conventions about what an engineer is supposed to look like, good for them.

Annoyed when a group of people insist there is no such thing as a well-toned body due to hard work, and imply that suggesting it is akin to oppression? There needs to be a way to talk about these things without people demonizing you for having a discussion.

Maybe someone else can crosspost to there? Top 50 Countries in the World. You can support Naomi Wu via Patreon. The only issue is that her persona is a construction of a professional electrical engineer who has been living in China for over a decade.

When she declines romantic or sexual advances from American ex-pats, Wu says they often respond with rage.

Naomi wu naked

She talks about printing Yoda heads in an article and references the theft of ideas by Edison in another. How someone chooses to dress out of their own free will is completely unrelated to their interest in tech.

She is not being honest about her capabilities and who is really pulling the strings behind the scene. So does she work for overseas companies or does she work for local rates.

She didn't really get any pushback besides the blog I wrote, so it seems she changed her story from "I can afford this lifestyle and these tools because of my freelance work" to "please give me money because I am a poor Chinese girl who is trying to save the world. In the US "slutshaming" is part of the progressive stack so in a sense of unity, and voting on HN is often used to enforce political norms. Nobody had written English skills like Naomi - by a longshot.

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Of course there is a video showing her doing some basic soldering on her YouTube page.

If she would have just admitted to working with her boyfriend from the beginning, nobody would have cared. Tribalism is common, as is social cannibalism for the crime of apostasy determined by each individual based on their feelings. Spreading milf porn pics. Western men visiting China often feel entitled to the attention of local women, says Wu.

There are many other posts by that username. Naomi wu naked. I wouldn't have had any issues if she would just have said that she gets help or that her boyfriend shows her how to do the technical stuff.

Excuse me if I'm making an incorrect assumption here, but China is not your country, right? I would think its content was not good enough to stand on its own and therefore they resorted to trying to sell it with sex. She has been called an inspiration to young women, and that is where things get a little rocky.

I was considering posting a comment along the lines of this. The flaw in your reasoning is that it doesn't match reality. Submit a new text post. Because of that money, one of the motives for hanging out with nerds could be to get at some of it. Sick lesbian porn. Bad teen Naomi Mae get hard dick and cumshot for shoplifting. The key difference is the way each city treats women. So does she work for overseas companies or does she work for local rates. What I'd be cautious of is promoting the idea that dressing a certain way was the only way to get ahead, but as long as people can get ahead based on their own effort, it doesn't seem like much of a problem.

I have what I call the Auntie Test: You can even decide for yourself that you will not listen to people who don't dress according to some code -- your loss.

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See all of the best photos of the week in these slideshows. Besides all this stuff, she just makes references to things found in American culture that even the most educated and well-versed Chinese citizen wouldn't really know or care about. She has been described as a maker, a scientist, a cosplayer, and a bombshell.

Here's a comment in this thread by deeg that outlines one of the issues with the fashion: Busty Mandy Bright tortures tied up Naomie. If I'm out shopping for an online course and I see one presented by a woman in a bikini vs one that is fully dressed I would be way more wary of the bikini one.

Those other traits could be sex appeal, it could be celebrity in another area, it could be wealth, whatever. Who gives a shit if he's wearing a speedo all the time?

But Naomi isn't selling online courses.

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