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Intex Pure Spa Ultimate Review!

Intex PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub and Pool Set

Spa baths are an essential for most people today, but professional salon spas can be ridiculously expensive as well as unfulfilling. Hence, we decided to put forward a review of the Intex Pure Spa which has been poking our interest lately.

This portable spa has seen some great reviews and a lot of consumer love, but ultimately you will be the judge of that by the end of our review. We will drills down features, facts, and the smallest details about the Intex Pure Spa so that you know what you are getting for your hard-earned money. So, without any further ado, let get to it!

Intex PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub and Pool Set

The Intex Pure Spa at a glance

At very first sight on to this portable spa, you know its not like your average portable spas. You know it’s different.

And what makes the Intex Pure Spa so different is the twist that comes in its design. The Intex Pure Spa offers you much more than just a hot tub, it also offers you a fully functional by the side as well! This not not only makes this product dual-purpose, but also makes it super versatile and cost-efficient. In addition to this, the Intex Pure Spa is very easy to set up, very easy to store and of course, twice as fun to use. Here’s what’s included in the purchase:

  • Filter pump
  • Insulated cover
  • Insulated floor mat
  • Chemical dispenser, and
  • Test strips

Let’s look into features more closely.

Features of This Hot Tub!

Being one of our best hot tubs, this one is a giant!


The Intex Pure Spa is a fairly large portable spa, or spa/pool, to begin with. It measures 30 x 22 x 46 inches in dimensions and nearly 199 pounds when inflated and filled. And normally, you’d expect it accommodate at least 4 people at a time, which it does effortlessly.

Because you have a pool included, you can do the math and figure that thus, you get 2 accommodations on the spa and 2 on the pool. Now, as a total that’s a great number. However, you will soon agree that 2 people on either the pool or the spa is actually not that useful since most people like to enjoy both spas and pools in a small group. In our opinion, at least 3 to 4-people accommodation on the spa would have been more appreciated.

Furthermore, one other problem that arises from the same root is that the pool is larger and bigger in both volume and size compared to the spa. We honestly would have preferred the spa to be more focused on.


The temperature of a hot tub is crucial if you want to enjoy your spa experience to the fullest. It is the very essence of a spa bath after all.

And the Intex Pure Spa clearly acknowledges and acts upon this. This is why they offer a temperature spectrum which is most versatile and can be used in both warmer and colder weathers. It offers you from 68°F to 104°F in water temperature, which is definitely not bad. It is smart since it caters to the demands of most users and is great all throughout the year. Keep in mind however, that the temperature increases by a couple of Fahrenheit by the hour. And therefore, you can expect at least a day for the spa to come to the max temperature.

Bubble jets

You would think that maybe a product will cheat its way out in the name of dual-functionality, but the Intex Pure Spa id definitely not playing around.

It spa is complete with bubble jets inside the tub. This means you get to enjoy and benefit from the many outstanding perks these amazing little jets just like you would at a salon spa. This jets release air into the water, which creates air bubbles. These air bubbles do wonders to relieving aching and exhausted muscles and joints. Thanks to these amazing jets, you will be looking forward to using the spa every time!


First, you get a thermal or insulating mat that you place under the inflated Intex Pure Spa. This acts as a barrier between the warm spa and the cold concrete ground, and eventually insulates and retains the water temperature for longer.

Second, you get a heat cover. Now, this thing serves a lot more in purpose than just insulation. It acts as a shield from external contaminants like dust, rainwater, bird droppings, etc, entering the water. furthermore, it also serves as a safety barrier so that children can’t enter into the spa/pool while you are away.

Water treatment

You will of course receive the usual chemical dispenser and water filter cartridges with the Intex Pure Spa.

However, beside this, it also features a built-in hard water treatment system which mellows down and softens the water that enters into the pool/spa. Your skin and fabric will therefore, not have to suffer any hard water damages.


The Intex Pure Spa is made with TriTech lining which comprises of a mesh core sandwiches between laminated PVC.

You also have a digital control panel, which basically lets you control all aspects of the Intex Pure Spa, starting from temperature, filtration, timers, and so on.

Finally, one of our favorite features to the Intex Pure Spa are the steps. It uses 2 steps on each side of the pool; great for sitting, and placing essentials like sunscreen, towels, etc, too!


  • The Intex Pure Spa is dual-purpose; includes as a pool as well
  • Accommodates 4 people in total
  • Has steps on each side
  • Includes protective cover, insulation mat and a pressure gauge
  • Has a built-in hard water system


  • Small accommodation
  • The pool is larger than the spa


  1. Does the Intex Pure Spa have handles on the sides?

Answer: Yes, it does. You won’t have problem carrying it from one spot to another.

  1. Does its control panel have a protective cover?

Answer: Yes, it does have a protective clear cover over on the controller that you can lift up and down.


We see absolutely no reason why the Intex Pure Spa shouldn’t be a top contender on your spa list. Yes, the scale may come as a problem if you are looking to use it with a crowd, but it is still a great deal; especially for smaller families. It is dual-purpose, powerful and convenient. In other words, it’s value for every penny to us at least. In conclusion, we highly recommend it.

This concludes our Intex Pure Spa review. We hope you found it in any way useful to you. For more info, click on the product link. We will see you next time!

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